The Morphant, a novel for children. Coming 15.5.15


Gabriel and Ariel looked at each other across the dining-room table.

Gabriel finally broke the silence and told her about the threat to their parents, and why they couldnt go to the police.

            Ariel stared at him as though hed lost his mind, her eyes widening in disbelief.

            ‘Its your accident. Youre still …’ She made a whirly movement with her forefinger at the side of her head.

 Im telling you the truth, he protested.

No youre not! Youre lying! Why do they want to hurt Mum and Dad? Gabriel. Im scared. Please lets call the police.

Walking around the table, he crouched down and gently took her hand.

They want to hurt Mum and Dad to make me help them.

But why? Ariel wailed. What can you do? Youre thirteen! Youre just my stupid brother. She bit her lip to stop the tears.

 Gabriel smiled up at his little sister. She was normally so tough.

Because I can do this.

Gabriel stood up and spotted a box of tissues across the room. With nothing more than a tiny glance, he made the tissues float in mid-air a metre above it.

Ariel snatched a breath as the box drifted across the room and landed neatly on the table in front of her. Eyes wide, she helped herself to a tissue as if she was in a trance. She looked back at her brother.

Gabriel was now seven feet tall. A forcefield formed a halo around his body, and his eyes flashed unearthly rays. The forcefield hummed slightly, and reflected in the polished surface of the dining table.

Ariel stared at him long and hard. For a moment she couldnt speak.

Cool, she said, eventually. Thats really cool

OK, smartypants, she added, grinning. What else can you do?